BoleeBOX is more than just a company - it is a group of enthusiasts fascinated with fast cars, design and new technologies. The ardor and commitment that we put into every detail of our project translates not only into the final result of the product that we create for you but also into our life. We want to share this positive energy that we put in every BoleeBOX cargo box with you.


Perfect product and the highest quality results from hard work, experience and commitment to what we do and what we offer to our customers. Quality is not just a cliché word that can be easily overused. Extensive experience of our employees, application of the latest technological solutions and the best materials make our cargo boxes look even better live than in the pictures.


When we drew up the first cargo box sketches we tried to create something timeless. A product that would not only be functional and increase the luggage space but also would eradicate the kitsch effect and unattractive appearance. In the BoleeBOX cargo box we combined design with modernity, we have created an intelligent cargo box that adds even more glamour to your car!


Each of the BoleeBOX cargo boxes is a unique product, not only because of its distinctive design or integrated systems, but because they are hand-made. Precisely, layer by layer, our experienced employees create this unique product - form it, grind it and then install photovoltaic panels integrated with high-performance batteries and equip the boxes with other systems including the automatic opening.


BoleeBOX cargo box was entirely designed in Poland by experienced engineers specialized in industrial design. All construction elements, such as the base and the systems, which are an integral part of the product, are also made in Poland.


BoleeBOX is not just a cargo box! It is really just the beginning of the idea that we want to inspire you with. With buying BoleeBOX you get something more - a service that will change your thinking about holiday preparations, a service that will make getting ready for a trip a pure pleasure, not a nightmare. 

The PREMIUM service package is a solution that will include: preparing your car for the road, examining the most important elements of the car, filling in the operating fluids, installing the trunk and after the return, its disassembly and cleaning. This is just the beginning of our possibilities, which we are constantly developing for you! 

If you want, we'll do it for you!